Grow Tent 40*40*120CM Pro [600D]

Grow Tent  40*40*120CM Pro [600D]

Grow Tent 40*40*120CM Pro [600D]

Product Code:rj-GT-0001
  • R1,250.00

Dimensions: 40*40*120CM

Material: non-toxic high reflective

Packing Size: 65*18*13cm - 6 Kgs

Description: Silver Mylar fabric, Whitecoating 600D

Structure: Steel tube 210D  D16mm.xT0.8mm

This premium, freestanding, built-to-last tent is perfect for use by all levels of growers from amateurs to pros. It allows the growing environment to be controlled and manipulated as needed. Open, close or vent system with fans to adjust temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and light conditions. Suitable for use with all growing systems (hydroponic, aeroponic and soil-based cultivation), this tent is compatible with all types of lights: Incandescent, LED, Fluorescent (Standard, CFL & T5) and HID (Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium & Dual-arc). The outer shell is constructed from commercial-grade (600D), puncture-resistant, waterproof, oxford nylon fabric. This material is completely non-toxic, mildew and fire-resistant, and also washable. The interior lining is highly-reflective, allowing plants to utilize all the supplied light without waste. The durable, fade-proof, advanced reflection surface is thermally adhered to the outer shell and will not separate or tear.